bp-phone-appsgaloreDo I need a regular desktop site to use this service?
No. We can build you a mobile website even without an existing website!

Are their any design limitations?
At this time we do not support all e-commerce, database-driven sites, membership sites, and some search functionality may be limited. Additionally, If you have a flash based site there may also be some limitations. Some of the limitations may vary depending on the actual coding of your current website.

Do you support all smart phone devices or just some?
This is tested on over 2,000 makes and models of smartphones and will work properly on all major smartphones that have a browser including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Plus our mobile sites will function great on all touch pads.

What happens after I sign up for the services?
We will contact you immediately at the number you provided on your sign-up form for an initial consultation about your mobile website.

How long will it take for my mobile site to be designed and go live?
On average, your mobile website will be live within 5-10 business days, not weeks, depending on the amount of design work required. Most sites are mobile optimized and online in less then 5 business days on average.

What happens if I update my regular website? Will the mobile version change as well?
Your mobile website syncs automatically with your original website content, so that updates made to the content of your regular website (eg. copy, images, videos) will immediately appear on your mobile website. If you do not want your website to sync automatically this can be disabled upon request at anytime.

After the site is completed and setup, how do I make changes to my mobile website?

Once your mobile site has been completed and is live, our automatic sync feature updates your mobile site as you make changes to your regular desktop site.

What happens after one year? Do I need to pay the original amount again?

The amount paid includes the design of your site and one year of hosting and analytics. After the year is up, you will not be charged the set up amount again, but your annual subscription will be renewed on a yearly basis at the going rate.

Who do I contact if my mobile site isn’t functioning properly?
We offer great support. If you have any problems just reach out and we will get it taken care of immediately.

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