Let Us Take Care of All the Work

digital marketing from dkw multimediaDo you?
• Own or runs a business?
• Need to expand your local local market share?
• Have no idea how to use social media?
• Have a few minutes of time to learn more about social media marketing?

Branding: We will create three customizable social media profiles and post content that is targeted to – and applicable for your audience. Online branding will engage your customers, keep you top-of-mind, and build your reputation. Staying in front of your customers used to be very expensive… we’ve changed that!

Management: We will watch and manage your company’s online reputation and keep you informed of competitor and industry tracking. This information will help you improve customer service. Constant management of your social media efforts and industry trends will also lead to increasing the size of your targeted audience.

Reporting: You will receive online assistance via email, Skype, or Face Book along with monthly reports and analytics to show the growth of your investment. We also include consultation reports with suggestions to improve your company’s growth and comprehensive strategies to maximize your social media reach.

Tools: We utilize the latest tools and metrics to optimize key words and social media URLs… What does that mean? Your company will be found more easily when people search online! We know when to post where to post to get you the biggest bang for our buck… and then we track it all to be sure your messages are getting through to the audience you targeted.

What We Do For Your Business

  • Setup and Configure (3) three social networking platforms for your business or organization.
  • Work with you to develop a social media strategy strategy specific and unique to your business.
  • We can take care of continuous posting of content that will engage, inform, and entertain your customers, all while branding YOU to them and their friends!
  • Promote your company events / specials / unique photos / and contributions to your community
  • Announce “Flash Promotions” which engage customers and inform them of new products or promotions with immediate notice or time sensitive discounts


  • We will present you with analysis and reports at the end of the month showing the growth of your social media activities
  • Instruction and marketing tips on how to drive traffic to your social media sites
  • Monthly reviews of your activities and recommendations to increase exposure

This service is available with a one-time setup fee and monthly management.

Our Social Media Management team creates a captivating presence on Facebook, Twitter, and one other social media site of your choice (for example: LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Foursquare, etc.). Designed specifically for small business owners.