A fellow merchant (SOHO Fashion and Furniture Exchange)  referred us to DKW Multimedia for help with our website and I’m extremely grateful for the recommendation! They took the time to understand our business goals and provided tremendous insight on ways they could help us. What I thought were cosmetic changes to our website were in fact powerful marketing improvements. Our website is a far more effective tool and we experienced greater traffic to our site almost immediately! DKW Multimedia not only did what we asked, but took things a step further in areas we didn’t know we needed help. I would recommend Dave Weissman and DKW Multimedia to anyone looking to create or in our case, improve upon their internet marketing. — Jen Van Parys, Allvera Dublin


“DKW Multimedia, did an outstanding job editing and adding sound to some relatively low quality video we took during an install. Intially the video was to be used for internal purposes, be we figured it could be useful for anyone, so we needed to improve it. Dave came by the office, reviewed the video, talked with our engineering department and got to work. He helped script a voice-over and worked with a team member to record it. The video came out great! For anyone interested in launching videos to promote their business or in need of e-marketing consultation—Dave is a great resource. I highly recommend him.”  — Joyce Foster, Marketing Communications Manager, OASIS International


“They have really taken care of us as clients–not only are they extremely efficient and timely, it is clear that they think of ways of helping our company above and beyond. They have helped us take our company to an entirely new level. It is clear that they think of their clients frequently and put their clients as a priority. While very detail oriented, they are also extremely good with the big picture. Rarely do you find that combination!” — Audrey Todd, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Food For Good Thought



“Thank you for all of your hard work on the video for Wisdom of the HeART. It was a great piece; so appropriate and very well received. I know that Sam and Gigi were very pleased. Thank you for helping to make this year’s event such as success.”  –  Rabbi Mitch Levine, Former Head of School (The Columbus Jewish Day School )


“You all are masterful. I love the video and the testimonials!. Thank you so much!! I think we can put these to great use and accomplished our goal. Thank you, Thank you!!! — Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette Brown McGee


“Professional quality video production.  DKW Multimedia worked around our schedule and delivered the final product ahead of schedule.”   — Neal J. Knueven, Marketing and Communications Manager. Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.


“Dave is a joy to work with. Extremely professional and a great resource. He has really worked hard to make us a better company!”  — Kenneth W. Albert, M.Ed., CPA, President. Medicaid Consulting Group, Inc.


“I just wanted to thank you for your help with our new website.  You were punctual, dependable and followed through with everything you promised.  I look forward to working with you in the future.”
— Perry L. Kontos, President.  American Sound Masking, LLC./Flint Road Pottery

UnderwoodVetWebsite_Feb2014The support you have provided our practice has been absolutely exceptional. From the reconstruction of our website to identifying opportunities throughout the community and the launching of our new location in Pataskala/New Albany, your work was on time and on budget. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our practice. You have helped us come into the 21st century with our videos, website and eMarketing strategies. ”
–Dr. James Underwood, Founder and Owner, Underwood Veterinary Hospitals



“It has been a pleasure working with DKW Multimedia. They have been instrumental in our start up to create website materials, and relationships with others in the business of network communications. We have been a client for over 5 years, and will continue for many more years.”
— Patricia L. Jackson, CEO. National Eligibility Solutions, LLC.




“DKW Multimedia was able to take my ‘cookie cutter’ website and change it to something more informative for my potential customers”
Doug Poe, Lifetime Homes, LLC.


“We have been with DKW Multimedia for over 10 years. They helped us develop a very successful website for our business.”
Ron Thomas Jr., Rona Homes


“For the last 12 years, Columbus Wired has been serving Central Ohio with quality news, sports and information. DKW Multimedia has been with us every step of the way”
Columbus Wired


“We wanted to create a website where people can understand the positive effects of prolotherapy treatments. They put together a website and a video library that works perfect for us.”
—  Dr. Albert Franchi, New England Prolotherapy


“Thank you  for supporting my 2011 campaign. Your video marketing tools captured the attention of the voters and were a major contributing factor to me winning my election.” 
– Laura Kohler, New Albany School Board


“Thank you for redesigning our website and always being available to assist us in every part of our web marketing and communications with our members. We appreciated your delivery on time and on budget. Your ability to support our work every month has been excellent as well as the timely delivery of your services.”
Lynne McDaniel, Senior Consultant to Watson Memorial


They were there for me every step of the way. Because of their experience we made every dollar count which is so important to me as a small business owner. They really understand what it takes to launch new ideas and concepts. Thank you! Your video work and social media strategies rock!! ”
–Rich Knisley, Owner, Rich’s Grilled Pizza


“Our video library and website are now responsible for generating 9 out of 10 surgical cases that we currently schedule.  DKW Multimedia keeps everything updated and are always providing us the opportunity to continually look at everything we need to do to remain focused on our patients and our practice.”
–Gail Tereba, Senior Practice Administrator, Lippy Group