We have a proven track record of producing effective corporate sales, training and direct response media for over 10 years. We focus on using the power of video to deliver a strong Return on Investment.  For promotion, marketing and training see how we can help you with your communications and visual aids.

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We are an all-digital production company, from acquisition to final product. We combine experience in field production, non-linear editing, post-production authoring, and more; to meet ALL of your video production needs.
Field Production Video Cameras
Canon XF300 HD broadcast quality field cam
Canon XL2 digital broadcast quality field cam
Canon GL1 digital broadcast quality field cam

video lighting from dkw multimedia

Bescor LED-95DK2 Dual LED Light Kit
2 Fully equipped Lowell light kits
1 soft-box set with adjustable halogen lighting
1 set of photo non-adjustable lighting kit.
1 On-board halogen light
2 Halogen studio lights

4 Channel Mixing Board
2 wireless lavalieres,  2 hardwire lavalieres
1 omnidirectional on-board shotgun mic
1 overhead shotgun microphone

Teleprompter (Available by request)
Green Screen (Available by request)
Adobe Premiere Pro Edit Stations
Image Editing & Compositing programs.

canon xl2

Footage delivery is offered in three different forms: downloadable files in Quicktime format, Quicktime format files on CD or DVD in data format (depending on the size of the files), and fully customized video DVDs suitable for playback on consumer DVD players.


church videoVideo Capture/Shooting

Includes camera operator(s), Canon XF300 HD, Canon XL2 and/or Canon GL1 3CCC professional digital video cameras, Compact Cards, MiniDV tapes, fluid-head tripods, on/off-camera lighting and audio if required.

Video Editing and Rendering.
Includes transferring video from the camera into our non-linear editing system, editing and piecing together the different shots captured during a session into a cohesive whole video production and post-production to render finished video and audio out of the nonlinear editing system into proper file format. Production includes one (1) edit from client after initial production is completed.

Our video production services are offered in two different forms: hourly pricing and block pricing (half day and full day). Video editing and rendering, compositing and special effects, and DVD creation are billed at hourly or project rates depending on the job.  Contact us today to get a free quote.


Recent studies indicate that using a video increases visability and purchases by 72% more than a print ad. One reason is that 94% of all the people that get the video will pass it along to another viewer through their social networking channels.


Underwood Veterinary Hospitals.

Standardized video production process to ensure the timely, on-budget delivery of high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Step 1 – Brainstorming is held between client and the team to discuss video concepts, script ideas, visuals, design elements and scope of project.

Step 2 – Script Development create the script or will review a client-produced script

Step 3 – Script Approval After the agreed number of revisions, client approves final script.

Step 4 – Field production is scheduled at client’s office or other pre-determined location. All images are shot according to the pre-approved script.

Step 5 – Post Production Video is edited according to pre-approved script.  Graphics, music and narration are added. Client reviews rough cut and additional cuts as applicable before the video is complete.

Step 6 – Media Delivery: Our team is dedicated to creating video delivery tools that maximize reach and effectiveness, while providing our clients the ability to measure the positive impact of their video investment.