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20753316_sDKW Multimedia in Westerville, Ohio works with our clients in developing and managing their websites. Providing end-to-end Website Creation, SEO and Conversion.

We understand how important website development is to your overall message. The Internet allows you to highlight your business in ways never before seen. We are proficient in many professional software programs.

Website development is a multi-step process and we are able to guide you through all of the steps.  From initial meeting, design and hosting to consultation and management. We make sure that we cover all of the bases to make your site available, viewable and doing what you want it to do.

Imagine the difficulty of getting to a destination without a clear direction. It’s not enough to know where you want to go. You also have to know the process that will get you there.  Every design project follows an industry based standard design process. Understanding the design process will help overcome any confusion and distractions along the way. We are are able to execute your vision with clarity and efficiency.

Website Design by DKW MultimediaDISCOVER:    
We begin the process with our initial meeting. In this “Sponge Phase,” we will work closely with you to understand your needs.
We will learn about the brand including gathering ideas on what typography, images, color that you would prefer.
We will complete a detailed Needs Assessment and provide a Statement of Work (SOW) and proposal, including timeline.

DESIGN & Develop:
Upon approval of the SOW and receipt of a deposit, we will begin the Design phase. In this phase we focus on the visual design and navigation.
Define your site’s structure and create a detailed site map.
Wireframe – We will set up the initial CMS platform along with CSS and other custom theme development.
In this phase we will create a mockup design and work with you to tweak any colors, images, etc.
You will have a chance to test the site and sign-off on the site.

In this phase we hand the “keys” to you so you can begin administering the site on your own.
We will complete an “SEO Checklist” which includes various tasks that will help your site appear on Google and other important search engines and directories.

website development process

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The first cycle of the design process is content. At the heart of every website is content. It’s why users visit your site and what keeps them coming back. Before you even think about design, you should have a clear idea of what kind of content you want on your website.

The purpose of starting a website in the first place is to share your content with others. With a website you’re able to reach a worldwide audience. But in order for your website to have an impact on others, you need to have content that’s interesting, informative and useful.

You also have to decide which group of people you want to target. This will keep the subject of your content focused. The more focused your content is, the more value you’ll be able to offer your users. By offering focused content, users can rely on you as a valuable resource for your niche.

Content consists of text, images, video or other media. It’s best to have at least a high level concept of what kind of content your site will have before you start with information architecture. You can develop your content before the information architecture cycle if you know exactly what your site will have, or you can do it after if your site becomes clearer that way. Either way, it’s important to develop all of your content before you get to the visual design cycle. That way the designer can create pixel perfect mockups without waiting for the content and without adding extra design iterations to the process.

Our Design Gallery

These are just a few of the many sites we have designed.  Contact us and we can show you our full portfolio.